beach prop

Found the huge ship propellor on the shore at Bermuda. Couldn't resist admiring the text and gruffness of the image. It was about 8' in diameter.


On assignment in the former East City Hall of Atlanta, where I was asked to document the history and humanity of the building before it was gutted and turned into condos. Three-part HDR.

danger door

Taken inside the ancient Bixel Paint plant in Warsaw, IN. It's a bit ironic to see a door with "Danger" on it blown of its hinges. Warsaw, IN.

iron cross

Skyward view of an iron cross 250+ years old, from a Victualing Yard at the far western edge of Bermuda.

gritty gears

Gritty gears, handmade 127 years ago at a copper smelting plant in El Paso, TX.

unguessable mess

A twisted and mangled piece of me tai, that used to be flat, during the demotion of a 127 year old copper smelting plant in El Paso, TX. Note the welding seam just to the right of halfway.

tower at smelting plant

The taller of the two towers at ASARCO, a copper smelting plant in El Paso that's done much damage to the town. I received special permission to shoot in there.


An On/Off switch at an outdoor electrical entrance. Warsaw, IN.